CAS 1637-39-4 Plant Hormone Cytokinin Zeatin

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Product details

Growth promoters

Gibberellic acid (GA3
CAS 77-06-5
Appearance White crystals
Purity 90%
Melting point 233-235 °C
Loss on drying <1&period;0&percnt;
Residue on ignition <0&period;1&percnt;

Gibberellic acid &lpar;GA3&rpar; is one of the most widely used plant growth regulator in agriculture&comma; forestry and horticulture in China&period; It has following physiological functions&colon; changing male&sol;female ratio of flowers&comma; inducing monogenetic reproduction&comma; stimulate fruit setting and growing&comma; breaking dominance of seeds and accelerating germination&comma; promoting stem elongation&comma; and enlarging leaf surface&period; It can help accumulation of metabolites in phloem&comma; activate cambium&comma; inhibit prematuration and retard aging&period;

3-Indolebutyric acid &lpar;IBA&rpar;
CAS 133-32-4
Appearance White powder
Content 98&percnt;
Melting point 123-125C
Loss on drying <0&period;5&percnt;
Residue on ignition <0&period;1&percnt;

3-Indolebutyric acid &lpar;IBA&rpar; is a broad-spectrum plant growth promoter&comma; which can used to stimulate rooting of cuttings of herbaceous and woody ornamentals&comma; also used to increase fruit set&period;

3-Indoleacetic acid &lpar;IAA&rpar;
CAS 87-51-4
Appearance Offwhite crystals
Purity 99&percnt;
Melting point 166-168°C
Loss on drying <0&period;5&percnt;

 3-Indoleacetic acid &lpar;IAA&rpar; is an auxins like broad-spectrum plant growth regulator mainly used to promote rooting of cuttings of herbaceous or woody ornamentals&period;

4-Chlorophenoxyacetic acid &lpar;4-CPA&rpar;
CAS 122-88-3
Appearance White powder
Content 98&percnt;
Melting point 155-159°C
Loss on drying <1&period;0&percnt;

4-Chlorophenoxyacetic acid &lpar;4-CPA&rpar; is auxins like plant growth promoter which can be absorbed by plant root&comma; stem&comma; leaf&comma; bloom&comma; even by fruit&period; It is used to promote fruit set&comma; induce formation of seedless fruit&period; Also used for ripening and fruit thinning&period; It performs better when used in combination with 0&period;1&percnt; mono potassium phosphate&period; It also has herbicidal effect at high dosage&period;

6-Benzylaminopurine &lpar;6-BA&rpar;
CAS 1214-39-7
Appearance White crystals
Purity 99&percnt;
Melting point 230-233°C
Loss on drying 0&period;5&percnt;
Residue on ignition < 0&period;05&percnt;

6-Benzylaminopurine &lpar;6-BA&rpar; is a wide spectrum plant growth regulator&period; It works as an inhibitor of respiratory kinase in plants&semi; inhibit the degradation of chlorophyll&comma; nucleic acid and protein&semi; it retards aging and increases post-harvest life of green vegetables&period; It can be used in agriculture&comma; horticulture&comma; for plants at different stages&comma; from germination to harvest&period; When used with gibberellins&comma; fruit's shape can be improved&period;

Kinetin &lpar;6-Furfurylaminopurine&rpar;
CAS 525-79-1
Appearance White crystals
Purity 99&percnt;
Melting point 266-269°C
Loss on drying 0&period;5&percnt;

Kinetin is a Cytokinin type plant growth regulator&period; It can promote cell division&comma; differentiation and growth&comma; and thus enhance germination and fruit set&comma; induce callus initiation&comma; reduce apical dominance&comma; break lateral bud dormancy&comma; retard aging&period; It is used in agriculture&comma; fruit and vegetable planting&comma; tissue culture&period;

α-Naphthylacetic acid &lpar;NAA&rpar;
CAS 86-87-3
Appearance White crystals
Purity 98&percnt;
Melting point 130-134°C
Loss on drying 0&period;5&percnt;
Residue on ignition <0&period;1&percnt;
α-Naphthylacetic acid &lpar;NAA&rpar; is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator&period; It has the feature and function of inner auxin 3- indolebutyric acid which can accelerate the division and enlargement&period; It can be absorbed via root&comma; stem or leaf&period; It is widely used in agriculture&comma; forestry&comma; vegetable&comma; flower&comma; fruit etc&period; It can induce formation of adventitious root&comma; improve cutting culture&comma; promote fruit set&comma; and prevent pre-maturation of fruit&period;

CAS 1637-39-4
Appearance White or Yellow powder
Purity 98&percnt;
Melting point 208-210°C
Loss on drying 0&period;3&percnt;
Residue on ignition 0&period;1&percnt;
 Zeatin is a member of the plant hormone family known as Cytokinin&comma; which regulates cell division&comma; development&comma; and nutrient processing&period; It is the most widely distributed natural growth regulator existing in plants&period;

Forchlorfenuron &lpar;KT-30&rpar; &sol;CPPU
CAS 68157-60-8
Appearance White crystals
Content 98&percnt;
Melting point 171-173°C
Loss on drying <0&period;5&percnt;
Residue on ignition <0&period;1&percnt;
Forchlorfenuron &lpar;KT-30 is phenylurea cytokinin&period; It is the most active Cytokinin till now&period; Its bioavailability is 10-100 times of that of 6-BA&period; It is widely used in agriculture and horticulture&period; It can promote cell division and organogenesis&comma; induce fructification and enlarge fruit&comma; increase yield&comma; etc&period;

Naphthylacetamide &lpar;NAD&rpar;
CAS 86-86-2
Appearance White or Offwhite powder
Purity 98&percnt; TC
Melting point 180-184°C
Loss on drying <0&period;5&percnt;

Naphthylacetamide &lpar;NAD&rpar; is a good blossom and fruit thinning agent for apple&comma; pear&comma; peach&comma; grape etc&period; It is also used as root inducing agent for ornamental plants&comma; usually co-used with other root inducing agents

Naphthoxyacetic acid &lpar;BNOA&rpar;
CAS 120-23-0
Appearance White or Offwhite crystals
PurityPurity 98&percnt;
Melting point 155-158°C
Loss on drying <1&period;0&percnt;

Naphthoxyacetic acid &lpar;BNOA&rpar; is a plant growth regulator with auxins like activity&comma; absorbed via root and leaf&period; It can promote fruit set&comma; stimulate fruit enlargement and prevent hollow fruits&period; It can also stimulate root formation when co-used with rooting agent&period;

Growth Inhibitors
Daminozide &lpar;B9&rpar;
CAS 1596-84-5
Appearance Offwhite crystals
Purity 95&percnt;
Melting point 154-158°C
Loss on drying 0&period;5&percnt;
 Daminozide &lpar;B9&rpar; is a growth inhibitor&comma; absorbed via leaf of stem&period; It can inhibit shoot growth&comma; decrease culm length&period; Also&comma; it regulates nutrient distribution&comma; prevents falling fruit&comma; so that increases yield&period; Also&comma; it enhances crop resistance toward cold and drought&period;
It can be used to improve the balance between vegetative growth and fruit production&comma; to improve fruit quality&comma; and to synchronize fruit maturity&period;


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